Random Thoughts

Anyone who thinks he is the best, hopes that he is true.

A less confident person assess the challenges only not his capabilities, An overconfident person assess his capabilities only not the challenges.

What comes fast can hurt most.

The worst thing with the secret is that even if you bury it deep, it still germinates. 

The fashion to be fashionable is more important than the reason to be reasonable.

A man can write his own destiny..........A woman can make modifications in it....  

If you do something which value No one knows, It's of no value. 

Greed is the reason for most of the problem, But the good news is that it can be controlled. 

People who says that they are not weak are too weak to accept that. 

It hurts because it pleased..........just a balancing quest.

Never let love be a strategy......It will ultimately corrode you. 

we subconsciously prefer agony over loneliness. 

There is no remedy to back-bonelessness...... 

we born alone, we die alone. The illusion is just in between. 

Life is the process of dehumanization. 

The worst thing about playing psychological games is that after some time you will start hating yourself.

I love nature..............but it's mostly one-sided.

 "The second gone can be remembered in life,
  The minute gone can be remembered in year,
  The hour gone can be remembered in day.
  The day gone can be remembered in hour,
  The year gone can be remembered in minutes,
  The life gone can be remembered in seconds.

Art is nothing but searching meaningfulness in absurdity.

Everybody is lonely, hence no-one is lonely in being lonely. 

A beginning could be weary, an end could be refreshing. 

Instead of being a kind of a person, we should try to be a kind person.

Never attach your dreams to any person, most probably your dreams would haunt you eventually.

Either way love is going to make you stronger by making you realize how weak you are/were as a human.

Keep building on.......a person dies when he/she stops progressing.  

Animals don't have hobbies, value yours. 


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