Friday, February 20, 2015

Not good enough!!

"I am no good" its a feeling so humbling and sometime depressing, it gives a dent to your confidence. This realization is shattering.

Most of us feel it one way or other. Different techniques to overcome it. I mean whats the alternative, you can't keep sad or depressed. It's not that you won't, It's just that its virtually impossible to remain depressed all the time.

So what I am not good at ? I don't know. Maybe I am not good at anything.

What was my mistake honey? What I did wrong to deserve this? Is this what I ought to have. You didnt even let me love you. And it would be wrong to say I didnt.

How weak I feel against this. For the first time in my life I tried not to be selfish but maybe I was not good at it. I was honest and truthful and maybe that was a mistake. It gave an impression that I am too plain and boring.

I am broken and feeling very sleepy. Not even be able to open my eyes.there are feelings for which there are no words. And even if I try with words whats the point? I am no good.

Love is a mistake, it can't be prevented

I sometime feels that if you love someone and it cant be fulfilled you eventually start to hate yourself.

I saw you crying and you will never.  

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