Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Kejriwal won the election with landslide margin, There is concerns over rising religious intolerance in India.

But my post is not about politics, It's about me feeling worthless on valentine day once again.

As it turns out Valentines Day is specially brutal on single boys and girls, they are forced to do an introspection as what's wrong with them even though there might be nothing wrong.

In loneliness you need to answer yourself for the reason of loneliness. Often single guys says they are happy single and same with girls. I don't know maybe they are but to me it sounds like sour grapes. I don't mean to say they are saying sour grapes when grapes are sweeter, what I mean is they are saying sour grapes because they haven't it. In reality maybe grapes are really sour.

I am unhappy as single. I never have been in relationship for long, couple of time I had small stints and all of them resulted in painful aftermath. It's tough to maintain relationship and it's boring to remain single. Choose wisely. but as far as I am concerned beggars can't be choosers.

I have almost come to believe that I am not as good a person as I think I am, maybe I am horrible. But why? just because no person of opposite gender fancies me or finds me attractive. Is it a correct parameter to judge if I am good or bad?

I know I am sounding pessimistic perhaps more than usual. But whatever it is show must go on. When you are sad, you realize that it's a matter of choice and you can be happy instead of sad too. positive energy and shit like that which motivational speaker talks about.

I guess a lot of boys and girls are single because they don't compromise. Being  a little flexible is not a sign of weakness, in fact things which are inflexible are more likely to break under strain.

I am hurt, but I would be alright. Life ahead seems rather bleak and so messy that I give up looking and think lets take a day at a time.

 Writing this much is making me feel sleepy, Oh some good news after all.

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