Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 reasons to NOT to read/watch idiotic posts (2nd one will NOT blow your mind)

This was in my mind since long, And every time I saw it, It boiled up in me more. Finally I decided to pen it down. So what actually I am talking about?

I am talking about the trends which is so much into social media and they are outright ridiculous and shallow in terms to get your attention.

So below are 5 such reasons to avoid those posts.

1.  The Numbers

Most of these posts comes with numbers, example : 8 reason to become veggie, 5 places to have sex other than bed, 9 signs he is cheating on you. Don't believe me? below are some examples which quick google search gave me.




5 reasons pigs are more awesome than you

seriously?? do you need 50 reasons to convince you that women needs men?

2. The Claim

This is one step further in the shit. After the total number the post pin points which one exactly is the best. example : 7 fail of the century, 4th will crack you up.

Now the first claim is that those 7 are the prime fails and it doesn't count the numerous fails which never came into the notice of someone who compiled that post, Also the cherry on the shit is the second claim that 4th one will crack you up. (my first reaction : talk about yourself). You are making a claim that 4th will crack people up and not considering that people are not as shallow as you are.

These gimmicks are just to make people click on that post and gets disappointed. It plays with human curiosity. Again below are some of such examples




3. What Happens Next

This one is actually another form of claim and for the same purpose of generating curiosity out of thin air. In here they provide you with a scenario which is really artificial in most cases and then makes the claim like "what happens next will change you forever" (or whatever).

Examples again

This Kid Asked About Love. What Happens Next Will Blow Your Mind



4. We Asked

These are videos where they do some sort of questioning from random people and based on few answers makes a broad judgement, in some cases these videos will also makes a claim about whole city, state or country.

You can only feel sorry for the people who are in the videos who subconsciously try to put their best foot forward or just trying to be unique.




5. The Dare

It's same like the above but in this people are asked to do some senseless dares which prompts me to ask only one question : "WHY??"

to kiss a stranger

Slapping SEXY Girl's ASS & Licking HOT Girl's Ear - TRUTH or DARE with Strangers


The way these stuffs are presented to create sensation irks me. I am sure there must be some healthy fun and some true facts among these but the way these stories are mushrooming, It more seems to me is a competition and to ploy to get some quick attention and all you need is a camera and a mic , well in some cases not even that, just an internet connection.

I have no problem with people who likes or enjoy these stuff, my only problem is being a victim of senseless sensationalism.

Add comments if you ever came across some ridiculous posts like these or it irritated you ever.

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