Thursday, November 5, 2015

Being Tolerant for Dummies

Have you heard about recent hue and cry about us Indian being intolerant? The communal seperation of idea. The very idea of India being tarnished by religiously corrupt politician? The beef debate and the murders which happened for and against the beef ban.

Have you heard the names in likes of Adityanath, Sadhvi Pragya, Owaisi and Azam Khan. And their comments once in a while?

Anyone who is opposing RSS is being called traitor and anyone who is supporting BJP are called Bhakts (devotees).

Do you have idiot friends those who keeps PM Modi on pedestal and prays him and credits him for everything good happening and do you have also idiotic friends who have ego problem with Modi and points him guilty for every bad thing.

Do you see the news and media who desperately wants to make an issue out of non-issue?

I see huge mistrust. No one party or person is responsible. If someone can make you and your friend fight for whatever reason, maybe there was a crack in your friendship at the first place and you both are responsible for that.

Now I believe in India and I believe in Indians, they won't let negativity go for long. Yes there are communal cracks in the society but its not that fragile either. So people would come back.

Sad part is that your friends who otherwise are intelligent people are falling for this bet. They are being part of the sham and shameful superficial superiority complex. The idea that my community is better than yours, the idea that my way of living is better than yours, The idea that we are genetically better than others, The idea that we are a victim. The idea that there is a larger conspiracy.

When Salman Khan got jail term for hit and run case someone said that he is being prosecuted with this punishment because he is a Muslim. Well then how come Sanjay Dutt is serving his term being a Hindu.

And then there are some Hindus who thinks that Hindus own the country. This country belongs to either each one of us or none of us. No community can own this country. The idea that Hindus will set the rules that how the Muslims should relate to this motherland is preposterous. Muslims are as much sons of the land as Hindus are.

Behind all these is insecurities. The insecurity is being diminished in population size and eventually vanishing. But it was never about quantity. Jews are barely few million but their grip on world trade is immense.

The Hindu population in Pakistan has reduced to 1/10 in 60 odd years. This is one common example given by these guys pushing the idea that if we are not careful this might happen in India and some even wishing to reduce the Muslim population in India in same manner.

But listen idiots, there is a reason India is India and Pakistan is Pakistan. Pakistan is mayhem country with absolutely no single motivation and direction. The country is divided on all major issues. The power in country is divided. There is huge problem of radicalism. And all this is because the idea that one religion can't be with another religion.

Do you want the same to happen in India?  Seriously? India is supposed to be a garden where all flower flourishes. best of people from all communities are appreciated and supported. We all are part of it and no one is master of it.

If you say that killing of a person on beef consumption is correct then in principle you are supporting the people who killed the cartoonist for drawing Mohammad. You cannot have double standards.

Coming back to the politics, I feel right from the beginning, most of the party are trying to play dangerous game on religion for their own profit.

Till the government doesn't stop to see people with the lens of community, I don't feel they are serious.

You don't need to do for the welfare of Muslims, you need to do for the welfare of poor, Muslims and Hindus alike. When you talk about welfare of Muslims, you create a communal divide.

Let's judge people by their action and not by their religion. Shivaji is respected not because he was a Hindu but because he was an able strategist and warrior. Akbar is not respected because he was Muslim but because he sincerely worked for bringing communities together.

Nothing is eternal, no religion and no species. Their is no superiority.

You always have a choice, whether to pursue hatred or compassion. why do you chose hatred? 

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